What We Do

Our Goal

Our Goal is to Transform Minds and Realize Visions

Brief About Youths with Visions Global

Youths with Visions Global is a Developmental and Humanitarian Civil Society Organization which is out to bring to reality visions of youths. The initiative came as an idea in 2015. The founder – Teke Spencer Tafon gave a lot of thoughts about it, went through individual and self-development empowering and acquire knowledge to make to make it work. And it finally came to existence on the 26th of June 2017.  Since then we’ve been working with wonderful team and now we are working to expand it to other parts of the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring to reality visions of youths and build in them servant and transformational mindset for better youth empowerment, societal recognition, community development and nations building.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help right the paths of youths, build more service oriented and transformational leaders. Create a generation of Youths who are willing to work with each other to solve the problems in the world. Kill envy and create in them an act of love towards humanity.

Our Objectives



Help people around the world

To take youths from the dream land of their dreams, help them go through it and bring them to the reality.

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Decency, honor, bravery

Build servant and transformational leadership mindset among youths, make them fully engage in their community activities, and take full responsibility to create jobs, develop communities, build nations and cultivate love towards humanity. 


Act Love

Help people around the world

Cultivate love and unity among youth leaders and change makers in the world and make them work together as team to solve the problems in the world and build a better world together.

Our Activities

We Organize Conference and seminars to orientate, cultivate, inculcate and educate youths on choosing the right career path, build youths with community engagement and transformational leadership skills, develop in them an entrepreneurial mindset, create jobs and fight against the high rate of unemployment in Nations. 

We Organize symposiums and forums that brings together youth leaders, founders, CEOs and aspiring founders to unite and stand as a helping hand for each other for growth in the space.

We carry out skills acquisition workshops and training program to enforce and empower youths with handiwork skills which will help them gain society recognition, feel belong in the society and also act as a means to earn a living.

We carry out campaigns and talks to sensitize the public on whatever that has to do with well-being, love towards humanity, mankind, nature, community development and nations building.

We recognize and development talents in youths in music, acting, football(soccer), and any creative arts to help them be recognized with their talent and also be expose to the world.

We carry out, outreach programs where to reach out to the needy, elderly, orphans, widows, inmates and street kids to act love by giving them food stuffs, dresses, pay school fees, house rents, toys and many more.

Our Policies

These are the enforcement tools designed to make sure the goal and vision of this Organization is attain.

This policy states that, for every five persons youths with visions international have trained, they also bound to train five people each year who will also train five people and the chain continuous.

This policy states that each year, an Ambassador of youths with Visions International will select a community in their country and carry out and activity that has to do with youth empowerment, community development, nation building or portraying an act of love (Outreach).

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This policy states that in any country, if a city director is carrying out an event the other city directors must support in any way they can to make the event successful.

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