Our Annual Programs

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Every January

Work The Thought Series

A Once a week for four weeks Training program to train young people on how to put to action what they have learned and also what they think about.
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Every February

National Founders Conference

A Gathering bringing together Founders, Leaders, CEOs and Aspiring ones to acquire Knowledge, Exchange Ideas and hold the hands of each other for better growth in the space.

Every March

1 Week Capacity Building Program

One week intensive skill acquisition workshop to Trainer, Orphans, IDPs and Less privilege kids on handiwork that can help them start their own business and earn a living.

Every April

Core-Care Festival

A celebration, games and feast inviting Orphans, Children from separated homes, less privilege kids and IDPs to make them feel belong in the society.

Every May

YAPo Change Ambassador Program

2days training for School drop outs in the interior villages in Cameroon to empower with information that can scale their mindset towards growth.

Every June

Give Them Hope

Our annual annual Anniversary Celebration where we visit inmates and share with them food stuffs and words of inspiration

Every July

YWV Day Celebration

A day set aside to Celebrate Youths all over the world who are working on solving societal problems.

Every Early August

Back-To-School Campaign

An act to promote education by buying buying stationeries for Orphans and IDP Children to help support them go back to school.

Every Late August

Young Leaders Fellowship Camp

A 3Days Fellowship Camp for young people for a leading and those aspiring to leader to train them on Community works, Servant and Transformational Leadership skills.

Every September

YWV Singing Competition

Identifying and developing talents in Music and sponsoring them

Every October

YWV Under 14 football Tournament

Identifying and developing talent in football, set a competition for children to build skills in football.

Every Early December

Cameroon Youths for Change Forum

A 3days Discussion Forum for Companies on their plan of creating jobs in the next coming year, peace ambassadors and the plan of action of creating peace in our nation and other civil society organization in the field of agriculture, education and clean water and sanitation

Every Mid December

Make An Orphan Smile

Our Annual visit to an Orphanage to Share food stuffs, dresses and toys to Orphans as Christmas gifts.

Every Late December

YWV Award Night

Our end of Year Appreciation Award for all members, volunteers, ambassadors, delegates, donors, partners, sponsors and any who has associated with YWV Global directly or indirectly.

Every Ending December

YWV Assembly

International Online Assembly for all members and volunteers of YWV Global National and International to revise the years agenda and discuss on the next year’s agenda.

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